When there is a personal desire, or a medical situation which decrees that you must lose weight, the first thing to think about is diet. You will simply have to ingest fewer calories to get your body into the slimming mode. Add some exercise and you are halfway there. There are other ways, however, and ‘fat-burning’ seems to be a big one these days.

What is ‘fat-burning?’ you might ask. Well, it is a way of trying to get as much weight off, as quickly as possible, without harmful side effects. Several things come into play with ‘fat-burning’ regimens:

Green tea
Mustard and chili sauce
Low-fat dairy

When embarking on any weight loss program, you should consult with your health care professional, who can assess your physical data: blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity or any vitamin deficiency you might have. With this in place, he/she can advise you as to which path you should take in your quest for weight loss. It is never wise for a person to start some faddish diet or exercise program without first consulting a doctor.

Fat burning is just what it sounds like. You want to burn off as much fat as you can while trying to keep new fat cells from multiplying and storing fat. This can be done by beginning a new way of life… a new way of looking at eating and exercising while utilizing the following foods.

Water is the most important commodity we put into our bodies, yet we often neglect to drink even half of what we require. For fat burning, it is suggested that you drink at least two liters of iced water, with lemon, each day. It requires 100 calories to warm the water to your body temperature, and the lemon cleanses the liver. This is a good place to start.

Green tea is an excellent beverage and it is suggested that you drink five cups per day. High in antioxidants, which fight those nasty free radicals that age us so quickly, it will burn 80 calories a day.

Mustard and chili sauce increase fat burning by five to ten per cent for up to two hours after eating. They contain capsaicin, which speeds the sluggish metabolism.

Low fat dairy products are rich in calcium, which encourages the release of fat from fat cells, and reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

Last, but definitely not least, comes fiber, and we all know what that does for our bodies. Fiber gets the bowels stimulated and regularity is very important to the human body.

If you and your doctor decide that fat burning is the way to go, keep a journal of your reactions to the various foods. And good luck in your search for weight loss through the fat burning process!

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