Question by Happy Dude: Supplements to help fat loss?
Im a pretty fit guy, i go to the gym 4 times a week to do weight training and a do a bit of cardio probably 2-3 times a week. i eat healthily and don’t drink beer but there’s still this very thin layer of fat round my belly hiding the full definition of my abs.

you can make my abs out ok, they’re probably better than most peoples tbh but i just cant seem to get rid of this small ammount of fat no matter what i do.

are there any supplements that i could buy which would help me get rid of this? (legal obviously)

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Answer by RCRM
Fat loss supplements don’t make a huge difference as they just increase your metabolic rate slightly, similar to caffeine (tea and coffee), ECGC (green tea), capsacin (chilli peppers) etc. There are plenty of more effective/free/less expensive metabolic boosting tips listed here:

The only supplements I’d recommend are those for general health (fish oil and vitamin D may have some minor fat loss benefits too):

Fish Oil –

Multivitamin –

Vitamin D –

Whey Protein –

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