MUOSEN Women Waist Cincher Tummy Trimmer Trainers Ab Belt Weight Loss Slimming Girdle Corset Bodyshaper Rose L

MUOSEN Women Waist Cincher Tummy Trimmer Trainers Ab Belt Weight Loss Slimming Girdle Corset Bodyshaper Rose L

  • Shape an hourglass shape. The waist trainer is like a two in one belt. It is a waist trimmer as this tummy corsets helps you belly fat and it is a waist body shaper as it has bonding built in to help shapes an hourglass shape. If you use this waist cincher tummy unremittingly, you will have a sexy figure and smooth waistline.
  • For weight loss. The sturdy secure waist training corsets slimming girdle is wide enough to cover the entire waist stomach and stay in place well. This workout waist trainer bodyshaper is designed to create a thermal like effect to help burn belly fat so as to weight loss.
  • The workout waist trainer fits well and does not ride up or move around a lot then you can keep a straight back. The waist trainer belt stay in place and definitely help you with your posture. Some small posture problems this trimmer belt will certainly help, as long as you wear it consistently.
  • This waist trainering corset belt can be worn within or outside of any of your outfit. You can wear this hourglass shaper whlie working, doing chores, watching TV, reading a book, jogging, doing light exercising,etc. The waist women cincher provides preventative support to avoid such as weightlifting related injuries.
  • Fabric in the back allows for breath ability makes this ab belt body shape girdle comfortable to wear. An ideal waist corsets for waist training. Notice: Do not wear this waist trainer belt when weightlifting or other strenuous exercise to prevent injures; Wash it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.

*We aim to offer you the perfect waist trainer shapewear.
*Four reinforced acrylic bones throughout the waist trainers belt effectively help reduce back pain and give your back a good support.
*Double high quality adjustment Velcro is designed for sizing accuracy. No worry about size problem. And the workout waist cincher wraps around you exactly the way that you want it do. More freedom and more comfortable to you.
*Forced to tighten belly fat. The best waist trainer stretch well and t

List Price: $ 32.99


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