Do you think that popping the latest fat burning pill on the market would be really helpful in burning off those ugly flab of fat accumulating around your midsection? I truly have my doubts it will. If a diet pill ever comes out that really works, its news will spread so fast by the word of mouth, that it will leave all the other media, whether it is internet, or television or print ads way behind. It will spread like wildfire, like the news of a disaster that just happened. Everyone would be eager to tell others about it. Supplements could help you control your appetite, maybe you will shed a few pounds, get your system cleansed, but there is just one way to truly burn that excessive fat.
Have I ever tried any of the supplements? Yes I have. I have tried belly burning ones, system cleansing ones and a type that is supposed to give you more energy. Coffee is cheaper. If you choose the coffee way, never overload it with calories and fat by adding sweeteners and sugar. Black coffee is very effective in helping you to lose that excessive weight. Fat laden coffee will only enhance your problems. I do allow myself one cup of good tasting sweet coffee with french vanilla creamer once a day. That is it. That is my daily treat.
The so called spot training exercise machines aren’t all that either. You cannot spot train and burn fat off of one area. Weight lifting is great. It’s a wonderful way to burn fat, but it won’t only come off your stomach or hips. You can tone the muscle under the fat. The stomach will pull in a little, but the fat will still be there on top of the muscle. If you really want to firm up and burn fat, don’t fall for the gimmicks.
The face seems to be the first target, where the shedding of the fat seems to be most perceptible. I realize it is melting off all over my body, but it is most visible on my face. Excessive fat is most visible on your face, your buttocks, underarms, thighs and your stomach. We carry a bit of fat over a lot of areas of our bodies so when we start burning fat, it comes off all those areas. A little at a time. That is why it takes so long to notice the fat loss. I feel the best about my diet when I can fasten my jeans without a struggle. The scale doesn’t always show me the results I want to see, but when my clothes starts fitting better or getting too big. I know my diet is working.
Exercise is one of the best ways to burn fat . I know quite many people hate to exercise early in the morning. A pill sounds so much easier. To burn fat and loose weight quickly, you also need to eat a balanced diet. Get up and go for daily walks, lift weights, dancing etc, do something to increase your heart beat in order to burn fat.
Do remember that, a proper diet and exercise is the key to burning fat and weight loss. Don’t rely on pills to help you burn fat and loose weight. They can help, but they cannot do it all.

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