Question by Overweight1: How do I shape my body and burn fat at the same time?
What are some of the best ways to burn fat? What foods are best to eat and what exercises are best to do?

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Answer by Kadabra99
To you eliminate fat you need to follow a few rules:
1) Eat a proper diet! Have 3 meals with healthy snacks in between. I don’t know your height or weight so I can’t assume what would work for you. You mainly want to stay around healthier foods like salads, fruits, chicken, tuna, very little red meat, little seeds and nuts, oatmeal, little bit of rice, little bit of pasta, and water

2) Exercise regularly! You need to do some cardiovascular activities to burn fat. You can do running, swimming, skipping rope, elliptical, jumping, sprinting, stairs, and so on.

3) Lift weights. Weights will build muscle and give you shape

4) Lower your stress. Stress contributes to a bad health!

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