Let’s Burn Fat! But wait, we need to do this right.

Anyone can lose weight if the put their mind to it. Burn more calories than you consume, get more exercise. Keeping it off is the major problem. This is where the proper mindset comes in.

The term “diet” itself creates a faulty mindset. It is a phase, something you do and once you reach your target weight, you don’t do it anymore. What is required to burn fat then maintain at that level is a lifelong change in dietary and exercise habits. Proper nutrition goes a lot deeper than just weight loss. It affects your general health and well-being, energy level, and resistance to disease. Once you have adopted a healthy dietary regimen in order to feel better, weight loss will come with the package.

So if it’s as easy to lose weight as described above, why should you obtain information from an expert in the field? Because you don’t want to just lose weight, you want to do it in a way that improves your health, instead of harming it. Here is a short list of the things you need to know about:

Weight Loss is not exactly the same thing as Fat Loss. In fact, there’s a huge and very important difference.Good foods and bad foods – Foods you should eat, foods that you should only eat occasionally, foods you should never eat;
Micronutrient ratios – The percentage of each meal that consists of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats;
Good fats and bad fats;
How to determine the right caloric intake for your body, in order to burn fat at a healthy rate;
Why starving to lose weight is a very bad idea;
Why an occasional “cheat meal” can be a good thing.
There is much more, these are just a few reasons why you need to be informed before you dive off into the world of weight loss!

Any good book on the subjects of weight loss and burning fat will start off with a chapter on the proper mindset required for the project. There is good reason for that. Learning to change your eating habits is not an easy thing. You have been trained from birth to eat a certain way, so making major changes in a lifelong regimen takes commitment and dedication to goals.

If you are a young person, this is a good reason to learn how to eat healthy now, so you can start your children off right. Our parents and grandparents didn’t know any better, but you don’t have that excuse. Modern technology has put the information at your fingertips!

Coming in the next few days: Burn Fat – Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

Judson Lassiter is a student of modern fat burning programs and is successfully losing weight using Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle system. You can get more information and links to free reports at:

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