The body loves fat and given the choice it will store as much as it can to protect itself from starvation. It’s almost working against us as what most people want is to burn as much fat as they possibly can, so it’s a matter of mind versus body to achieve the result we want.

To get rid of fat quickly, is a process that requires a few disciplines, but that isn’t to say it can’t be done. In fact anyone who eats right and exercises will lose weight. But if you want to burn fat quickly then you need to do a couple of things well.

The secret to burning FAT is to shock the body into letting go of fat reserves, but this is an interesting concept as to shock is a relevant feature… how long does a shock work before the body adapts, because that’s what the body does, it adapts.

So the first thing to do is to eat less, but to still maintain good levels of protein, fiber, fats and vitamins and minerals. If the body craves too many nutrients then it may increase the rate at which it retains fat.

Do not give it a reason to do this. Supplement with a multi-vitamin and omega 3 oil.

Then you must exercise. The trick with burning fat quickly is to not let you body adapt, so if you have 2 weeks or even 1 you must not repeat an exercise too often, otherwise the body will look to perform that exercise using as little calories as possible in the most efficient fashion. High intensity interval training is by far and way the best way to burn fat quickly, in fact HIIT as it is also known is extremely popular with athletes and professional sports people.

So mix up different cardiovascular exercise such as running, cycling and sport, with resistance training different body parts like legs, back, arms and chest.

Do not go running 7 days a week if you want to burn fat fast, unless you are a completely sedentary person, it won’t be effective enough.

Next change your calorie intake, don’t eat the same amount yesterday as you did today. Keep the body unsure as to what food to store and what to not.

Lastly to make sure your body doesn’t crave a large meal, eat your largest meal of the day after resistance training as this is when it will need it the most and burn right through it. You’ll satisfy the body that it’s not starving and doesn’t need to store fat.

Change it up, train right using HIIT and eat the right foods to burn fat quickly.

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