In the nutrition field there’s a great divide between the researchers and the people in the field that are helping clients burn fat. This is where the arguments over which diet work best for fat burning results happen. You’ll see the latest studies quoted on internet chat boards and individuals trying to prove each other wrong but when you look at all of the research you see one alarming trend that can not be ignored. This is the burn fat diet.

Being a nutrition consultant to many serious athletes and bodybuilders, I’ve had to work with various diets to help them burn fat. I’ve used moderate to high carbohydrate diets with athletes who train multiple times a day and have good genetic potential. I’ve used moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein and moderate fat with the majority of individuals looking to lose some weight and gain some muscle but the only diet that has been proven to work for people that want to burn fat time and time again is a high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate diet.

The science of fat burning has proven that this diet works the best over and over again. Every fat burning diet will tell you that you need to remove something but both science and my real world results with getting to 6% bodyfat myself and getting some of my clients lower is that carbohydrates don’t belong in any diet to burn fat. Carbohydrates, regardless of the quality, raise blood sugar which creates an environment where you can’t burn fat.

This fat burning diet has you eating foods that burn fat such as almonds, walnuts, peanut butter, almonds butter and protein sources such as whey protein powder, lean ground beef, turkey and chicken and heart health fish that is high in omega-3 fish oil. These principles make up a very effective burn fat diet that gives you boundless energy. Most people think that they need carbohydrates for energy but that is very misplaced. Of all the ways to burn fat out there, eliminating carbohydrates is the best. So how do you get more energy? Well fat is more calorie dense then carbohydrates so you’ll actually have more energy after the first few days of the diet.

What makes this fat loss diet so effective is that we eliminate the unhealthy fats and add the top fat burning foods. This diet will lower your blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood sugar and various other markers of cardiovascular disease. Plus, you create a fat burning environment because you’re taking in more protein. This is without a doubt the best diet to burn fat.

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