How to get toned abs and gorgeous buttocks? Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gym regularly. But we have good news for you! You can achieve your dream figure simply by doing the right exercises at home.

We’re only going to do 7 exercises, 2 sets each. After every set, you’ll get some time to relax. We’ll also tell you why the exercise you’re doing is necessary and what it’s good for.

As you become more comfortable with the exercises, you can do them more times per set or increase the number of sets. If you combine these training sessions with healthy eating habits and cut out all the junk food, fried food, and sugar from your diet, you’ll see the desired results even faster!

Exercise #1: Jumping jacks with burpees 1:17
Exercise #2: Walking plank 4:24
Exercise #3: Split squat jumps with burpees 6:10
Exercise #4: Spider-Man push-ups 6:56
Exercise #5: Sprinter sit-ups 10:38
Exercise #6: Sit-throughs with mountain climber 12:19
Exercise #7: Hip twister plank 16:17

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– Jumping jacks with burpees are incredibly beneficial for your heart, coordination, and flexibility. In addition, it works out your whole body and different muscle groups.
– The common plank itself is a powerful core exercise, but a walking plank with a little movement to it makes this well-known exercise even more challenging and effective. A walking plank is especially good for your upper body while still giving your other muscles a good workout.
– A split squat jump is one of those rare exercises that transforms your legs completely while making them stronger at the same time. This type of jump also strengthens your thigh muscles, helping you get the perfect buttocks you’ve always dreamed of!
– Doing Spider-Man push-ups regularly will teach your chest and arm muscles to work harder. The result is simple: strong and beautiful arms and truly flawless abs.
– Sprinter sit-ups are considered to be one of the best ab exercises ever created. This is all thanks to the ability of this exercise to stretch your hip flexors and strengthen them along with your ab muscles!
– Sit-through exercises are a one-of-a-kind treat for your body if you want to lose weight. This exercise burns excess calories like no other and builds dynamic strength within your muscles and core.

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How to lose weight easily? We all used to think that weight loss requires a lot of hard work. However, several studies have shown that if we change some of our habits we can lose those pounds easily and naturally!

For example, Judy Koutsky, a writer, tried starting her day with vegetables for one month, and the results were amazing! Doctors say this helped her feel full, reduced her calorie intake in other daily meals, and improved her intestinal transit. Breakfast provides 25% of your daily energy needs. It’s the most important meal of the day that guarantees good intellectual and physical performance! Watch the video to find out some other promising tricks.

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Breathe deeply 0:22
Eat vegetables for breakfast 0:45
Sit up straight 1:13
Eat spicy food 1:29
Remove excess fat with a paper towel 1:52
Eat in front of a mirror 2:09
Take the stairs 2:26
Take up strength training 2:44
Drink water before each meal 3:01
Walk more 3:19
Do stretches 3:42
Use a small plate 4:04
Eat slowly 4:22
Stand while waiting 4:35
Take a hot bath 4:45

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– Deep breathing lowers your cortisol level, a hormone which regulates weight gain and stress.
– Sitting up straight, whether you’re working, eating, or watching a movie, is an excellent way to lose weight quickly! This simple habit reduces the cortisol level in your body and requires more energy than you think.
– Spicy foods contain capsaicin, a component which speeds up the fat-burning process in your body. In addition, it lowers body fat, since it naturally stimulates the destruction of fat cells.
– If you can’t give up fried or oily foods, at least reduce the number of calories they contain. All you need is a paper towel.
– Next time you have lunch, put a mirror in front of you so that you’re aware of every single bite you put in your mouth.
– According to the University of New Mexico, climbing 2 floors a day can help you lose up to 6 pounds per year.
– Experts say that strength workouts are more effective than any other fat-burning workouts. Start with light weights, and gradually increase the intensity.
– Drinking 2 large glasses of water before each meal helps you avoid overeating.
– Walking is the perfect exercise for weight loss. You can burn up to 255 calories per hour if you go for a slow walk and up to 391 calories per hour with a brisk walk.
– Yoga is an excellent option, and you can practice it before any other physical exercise. It’s beneficial for your health, and it also burns lots of calories.
– A small plate full of food is an infallible trick to fool your brain. It will think there is plenty of food and will receive the signal of satiation much earlier even if your plate is only full of vegetables.
– When you chew slowly you are giving your brain enough time to receive that satiety signal.
– Researchers from Loughborough and Leicester Universities have found that taking a hot bath burns the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk.

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