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Weight loss diets for vegans?

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Question by : Weight loss diets for vegans?
like a diet plan for fast and easy weight loss and by easy i mean easy to follow like eco-atkins

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Answer by Ravinder
As you plan a vegan diet for weight loss, keep in mind that you do need to eat minimum amounts of certain foods for good health. Plan your diet to include at least 6 servings of whole grains, 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, and 4 servings of some combination of legumes, nuts, or soy products. (Remember that a serving of nuts is just 2 tablespoons and a serving of legumes or soy is just _ cup–or 1 cup of soymilk). Then make sure you are getting 1000 milligrams of calcium every day (see the November 20, 2000 article for information on how to do this). If you don’t eat foods that provide this much calcium, use supplements. Make sure you are including a source of vitamin B12 in your diet as well. And make sure you get adequate sun exposure or use foods fortified with vitamin D. This is sort of the bare minimum of what you need. But, based on your body size and your own needs, it may not be enough food even for someone who wants to lose weight. So, add in other foods–like more grains, small amounts of oil for sautéing veggies, some treats, etc–until you get to an intake that is satisfying to you but still allows some slow weight loss. There is a little bit of trial and error involved here. It’s really all about what works for you. Don’t be so stingy with food that you are feeling hungry and losing weight rapidly. This can lead to unhealthy attitudes about food or can be very difficult to maintain over the long term if you are always feeling hungry or unsatisfied. If you can’t create an eating plan for yourself that allows you to lose weight, then it’s a good idea to meet with a dietitian to work out a good approach.

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