Question by maharette_sik: What are the best exercises to lose weight for people with hip problems?
My husband was born with square femoral head (the ball joint). Growing up je had to wear a hip brace that caused hip hip joint to grind itself out into a circle. Since then he has always had sever hip pain. He feels over weight now and wants to lose weight. Its hard for him to walk very far without being caused a lot of pain. Does any one have any suggestions for weight loss exercises that might help him?
I found out what he was born with is called legg perthes disease

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Answer by rawr
As well as gentle exercises, lowering food intake will help more in losing weight as you can exercise as much as you want but if you still eat the same amount you will never lose weight. Eat smaller amounts at each meal time but keep to healthy food so that you are still getting nutrition.

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