Question by Tim K: Im starting a health/nutrition website. What would you want to see on a site like this?
I am starting a health/diet/nutrition/weight loss/exercise/etc website, because obesity is a growing problem in America and I want to help. I am a Biology major at Boston College and understand some of the biological aspects of nutrition and gaining fat. I have some ideas of what to put on the site, but if you were going to a website like this to try and lose weight/get in shape, what would you want? What would you want information on? Weight loss plans? Nutritional label reading guide? Incentives for losing weight? More information on metabolism and fat? Consequences of eating unhealthy food? Please give me any ideas that you have, and let me know if you think this would be a successful website.

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Answer by lucky!
That is a really really good idea by the way. Anyway a bmi calculator is good and a chart of how much your supposed to weigh eg. 5″7= 120lbs-140lbs. Also healthy eating regimes, exercise regimes, fast and easy haelthy meals etc etc
Good Luck! Hope i helped ..

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