Question by Zaara: What are some ways to burn fat, mostly for legs, thighs, arms and stomach?
I was just wondering what exercises can help burn fat around the body. I’m not fat, just a little chubby and want to get in shape. I’m doing this by exercising and eating healthier food. But I want to know some more exercises. Thank you.

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Answer by C J
Most important thing – look after your liver, it’s the body’s fat burning organ. So, avoid preservatives and painkillers and so on – anything your liver sees as a toxin (it will process those first and get around to fat burning later) + drink a lot of water and get enough sleep (both dehydration and sleep deprivation will stop you from burning fat effectively).

Once you’ve sorted that out, the best thing to do is build lean muscle, from things like dancing or pilates or rock climbing etc – muscle helps you burn fat and also makes you look leaner overall (hence the term ‘dancer’s body’).

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