Question by Kyle: What should I stack with Jack3d to build muscle and burn fat?
I am currently taking N.O. Shotgun and I am disappointed with it. Jack3d is way better but I want to stack it with something that will help me build muscle but burn fat at the same time, I know those goals are almost contradictory but I know it’s possible. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Christopher Maple
Its not contradictory at all. When you build muscle your burning fat. Haha, but to your question, I’ve taken every pw substance you could try and last week I tried N.O. Xplode NT. Amazing. The regular no xplode was aight but nothing compared to this. It’s better than jack3d, superpump, white flood, every other one I’ve tried. I would still advise you to stack it with Creatine even though I’m sure that would make you skeptical especially if your going for a cut look. Obviously whey/casein protein and a multi as well, and I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve heard really good things about HGH Up. Its suppose to decrease your body fat % by about 30% over 8 weeks and naturally increase your hgh levels. Don’t really recommend a fat burner but oxy elite if you choose too.

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