Question by : How can I modify my routine to burn fat more efficiently?
I already diet and exercise but I seem to put on muscle more easily than I do burning off the fat. What is the best way to burn fat?
My current diet is a low carb, low fat diet (im a diabetic so naturally I am always dieting)
Currently I kickbox, run, dance, hike and mountain bike.

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Answer by Bonnie
Your activities are varied and that’s great, but doing exercises in short intervals will help you burn a lot of calories as well. Running on a treadmill, for example, at a constant pace for say 25 minutes is great but you could really step it up a notch if you jog for 8 minutes, then go up to a sprint for 4. Then you can slow down for a slower jog and go fast again. These sudden changes of pace makes your muscles and heart work harder adjusting to the changes and not become stagnant.

Also lifting weights, believe it not, helps the body burn fat as well.

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